Ability to Respond

Taking Responsibilty.png

Responsibility. Be responsible. It's time to take some responsibility for your health/life/whatever. 

For some reason this word in all forms has become a little bit loaded. Doesn't it kind of feel like you are a child being scolded or accused of doing something wrong? When really being responsible just means you have the ability to respond. It's a positive thought really. Being responsible for your health? Harnessing that ability to respond to your health.

This idea was mentioned in a Chris Kresser podcast I listened to recently and it really stuck with me. There can be a lot of emotion tied in with overcoming illness or just making healthy life changes and choices. In my case I felt a lot of doubt and guilt. Looking fine enough on the outside but feeling so crappy on the inside sometimes messed with me and made me wonder, is it really that bad? Am I making a big deal out of nothing? Do I really need to cut down work hours to have more time to take care of myself? Am I really doing absolutely everything I can to get better? 

There is also the whole aspect of the mind-body connection. Your thoughts can manifest disease. There were so many points along the way where I thought I was 100% crazy and completely to blame for my state of health. Or un-health. Yes I did have some thought patterns to work through but it was just part of the picture. And it wasn't anyone's fault! But I was responsible, because I definitely had the ability to respond. And heck yes I am responding. 

Taking responsibility doesn't mean taking any kind of blame. It means that your world has been opened up and you have the ability to respond. How great right? 

Paige Webster