Outer Beauty as a Reflection of Inner Health

beauty as a reflection of health.png

I think since day one I've had this total fixation with beautiful things. My favorite books were more because of the colorful pictures than the actual stories. I loved the soap opera's my mom used to watch and wanted to be beautiful just like the women on the shows. When America's Next Top Model came out I was obsessssssed and in a pretty unhealthy way. As an impressionable 16 year old, seeing models who were 5'10 (like me) and 130lbs (not like me) made me think I should be too. NOPE. That was wrong. Now I know that more thigh = more life. 

Anyway, I think this is a natural thing. It's natural to love beautiful things and to want to feel beautiful too. And when you look at people who possess that natural outer beauty what's going on there? Maybe glowing skin, maybe a fit figure, maybe glossy hair, maybe even long strong nails. All these things could be looked at as superficial—because really they are, they are showing up on the surface. But the source of them really is coming from deep within. Heck, mostly from our microbes. 

We are attracted to beauty, but maybe in an instinctual way we are actually attracted to vibrant good health. As someone who has had skin issues since day one of teenager life, man, have I ever seen the direct relationship between inner health and how it affects those superficial things. As I've worked on my insides, the reflection of that work is mirrored back to me through these little physical changes along the way. My adventure of healing from gut dysbiosis has for the most part cleared my skin (it's a work in progress), added moisture to my normally dry scaley limbs, given me the energy to move my body in an exercising fashion and well, mostly gotten rid of my constantly bloated stomach. Thank goodness for that. 

And friends, I know allllllll about inner beauty too, not to be discounted at all. I wish I could go back to a previous version of myself when the health situation was not so good and let myself know that I was a beautiful person inside and out even when I was not so stoked on what I saw in the mirror. A time when my inner self felt as broken as I felt that my outer self looked. Holy moly dark times. Wish I could also slip her a copy of the GAPS Diet and some probiotics too because THAT'S WHERE IT'S AT Y'ALL.