Camu Camu Face Mask

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A long time ago one of my good friends went away to a hot yoga teacher training and came back with an easy little DIY face mask that she learned while she was there. It was with olive oil, honey and sea salt as sort of a face mask / exfoliating scrub. Ever since, this has been one of my go to's which always makes my skin feel so moisturized and soft afterwards. 

Over the years I have adapted it with a few different ingredients that I think would perform magic on my face and my very favorite as of lately is a Camu Camu version. Camu Camu is one of my favorite superfoods as it is jam packed with Vitamin C, apparently more so than any other food. 100g contains 3575% of the DV, not that you should eat 100g in a day. In my own experience, it also doesn't upset my digestive system like synthetic Vitamin C supplements. Go figure, SUPER foods. 

Anyway, since Vitamin C is so great for skin and collagen production, I thought why not try putting this magical powder on the skin and see what happens? Well the results are in and after using this mask at night, I wake up with a noticeably brighter complexion and the softest skin around. 

Another swap I make is using Whipped Tallow Butter instead of olive oil but really it can be done with either or even coconut oil. Tallow Butter has been a total lifesaver for my skin. I'll admit at first it seemed weird to use animal fat on my face but the benefits have made this a total staple in my skin regime. Providing deep moisturizing and skin plumping properties, other moisturizers just don't compare. 

And the last ingredient, HONEY. Raw honey is so amazing a healing for the skin. It is also naturally antibacterial and highly moisturizing. It could even be considered the 'secret sauce' that brings the ingredients in this recipe together and makes this mask so effective. 


  • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil or Whipped Tallow Butter
  • Raw honey
  • Camu Camu powder (You can can get this at many different health food stores, Whole Foods or online. I get mine here)


  1. Start with a fresh + clean face. Take a little dollop of oil or tallow butter and heat it up in your hands by sliding them together vigorously. When the oil feels warm, massage it onto your face. There should be some excess, more than you would use just to moisturize.
  2. Do the same with a dollop of honey. No need to heat it up but massage it onto your face, in with the oil. 
  3. Sprinkle some Camu Camu powder in the palm of one hand. Not too much, a couple pinches or an 1/8 of a teaspoon. Run the other hand under the tap and mix some drops of water into the Camu Camu in your palm until it becomes more of a paste. Now massage that onto for face with the honey and oil. 
  4.  Now, how long to leave it on? Really your choice. I would leave it on for at least 20 minutes but if you want to let it hang out longer, all the better. 
  5. Use a warm washcloth to gently remove the mask without taking too much of the oil off so that your skin is still getting those moisturizing benefits.
  6. Go to sleep and wake up to the brightest and most beautiful face you ever did see.