Escaping a Constant State of Clench

constant state of clench.png

Reviewing life with a friend today, we have determined that lately we have both been operating in a constant state of clench. Ever been there? It's an interesting place to be. A full body stress response to the state of one's life. Clenched up real tight.

I have lived way too much of my life in this state. Potentially due to way high expectations both for myself and just life in general. High expectations aren't really a bad thing, but sometimes they can put unnecessary pressure on everything. Pressure which leads to the clench.

Physically, this often leads to my digestive system turning almost completely off, like the food I'm eating is a total unknown stranger. Even the most nutritious, easiest to digest foods are just completely ignored by any function of digestion. Left to fend for itself and find it's own way through, causing a whole host of issues the along the way. And then I feel like a garbage can. 

The tough thing is, that no matter how much Gabby Bernstein we read and how much we tell ourselves to trust the universe, sometimes our inner (indecisive, need some answers, uptight) selves don't really believe it. I am no expert on being a naturally calm person, but when I do finally become aware of these states of clench a few things have reeeeeeally helped to work things out. Here's what I've come up with: 

I write letters to myself

Actually yes I do this. Like an outsider talking to myself. Hey girl, what's up, what's eating you, you're actually doing so great, yada yada, etc. It's like talking it out with your very best friend but without the risk of even the smallest amount of judgement where you can say anything. ANYTHING. What you are really feeling deep deep in there usually comes out in the letter. I guess this is really just a version of journaling. You can even make yourself a G Drive letter folder and access it anywhere, anytime. And super entertaining to read at a later date.

Walk it out

Personally, walking is my meditation. It's like as I walk, my brain works problems out in an actual logical way. I like to run too but in this specific case it does not have the same effect. Something about the slower paced movement of walking and good ol' oxygen intake really does something magical. Walk slowish and breathe, imagine that. Even if there are no answers by the end of it, you will likely feel better or like the problem matters less. 

Digital detox

There is just too much dang incoming information! I read the very best article in Lenny Letter that talks about social media being bad for digestion. To that I say PREACH 🙌  When there is already so much going on in that brain, sort it out before you invite any more in. I'll be the first to admit that I'm a Pinterest inspiring quote addict but when I'm already overloaded, I don't need to read things like "Always do what you are afraid to do" or "If it scares you, you need to do it". Because maybe today I don't. Maybe I need my whole body to chill for a sec ok? And don't even get me started on Instagram. Sometimes it's lovely and entertaining but other times, it's an anxiety inducing highlight reel. Shut. It. Down.

Cool so now I'm going to take my own darn advice and do a combo of these things. See you in a world of logic, answers, proper digestion and unclenchyness very soon.