The Life of a Free Spirit With a Schedule

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My dream in life is to be easy breezy. If you've ever been to yoga when they tell you to pick a word to get centered on or something like that? Whatever word comes to you first. Mine has been 'calm' every single time. Like my subconscious is just begging me to please chill the F out. The funny thing is that from the outside I must look like a calm person (except to all my close people, they know the truth). I've been told that on occasion which I just found hysterical, thinking to myself, if only you knew what happens on the inside. It is a day's work to feel calm for even 20% of it.

Chatting about all this with a friend today, she nailed it right on the head. We are free spirits but with a schedule. We are able to feel that sense of easy breezy that we strive for as long as we stick to our schedules. Ironic I know, but true. There are a few things that need to happen in a day to achieve the calmness and that's just the way it is. 


ENDORPHINS ARE THE BEST. And obviously there are actual studies that exercise lowers cortisol and so on but there is so much more to it. The world usually feels a bit more clear post movement. And yes in an ideal world this would happen every day but in reality that can be tough. For me I really do what feels good for that day. When I have time and energy, a run is nice. Less time, I do a little body weight exercises mixed with yoga. Less energy, I walk. And no energy or no time, maybe nothing. Sometimes I even do a couple pushups like you know in the movies where the boy is nervous to call the girl so he does a couple pushups beforehand? Just like that but no phone calls, more just to take on the day. 


Well obviously I am a huge advocate for the GAPS diet. And looking at it as the slightly restrictive diet that it is, nothing seems very easy breezy about that. But for me it is the most amount of important because a happy gut really is a happy mind. It is actually night and day for the type of day I'm having if it is accompanied by an irritated gut. Those days I'm either sad, mad, frustrated, indecisive or stressed. So sticking to this diet keeps me happy and smiling and feeling free. Not everyone needs to be on the GAPS diet but eating foods that make your body feel good is wayyyy important, for the easy breezy lifestyle you know. 

Train that brain

This is a constant work in progress. If you weren't born or brought up with this positive thinking, trust the universe type of mindset, it's an everyday practice to invite these thoughts in. Luckily these days there seems to be a current wave of empowerment and positive thinking in forms that are easy to include in your day. Whether it's an inspiring book, podcast or even following some great Instagram accounts, incorporating these ideas and thoughts into your day however you like, can have such a slow but steady positive effect on your frame of mind. A few of my current favorites are: 

  • Ok yes actually I did recently read The Universe Has Your Back by Gabby Bernstein and overall, I liked the message. It wasn't 100% my language but I really did get a lot out of it.
  • The Instagram account Words Of Women. Holy moly I love this so much. Every post is super empowering and relatable, always a favorite in the world of IG.
  • A few of my regular podcasts are Girlboss Radio and Pardon My French. I love Girlboss for the inspiring interviews with lady movers and shakers who always have some great wisdom to share. Pardon My French is from the lovely Garance Dore who either has great chats about life or interviews with just plain old inspiring magical people. 
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