My Experience with the GAPS Intro Diet: Week 2

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Day 8

Well my glowy clear skin honeymoon has ended. Sort of. I still feel like my overall complexion is better but over the last couple days I have developed a few lovely little ‘imperfections’. And in weird places! Like a couple on the below the nose, above the lip area. And a giant lump on my temple! Get out of heeeeere! But definitely to be expected with all this microbial rebalancing and detox/die-off. So fine whatever, I’m dealing.

In other news, I have discovered Honey Ghee Caramels. Hot damn these are a game changer. Last week I whipped up a batch of Coconut Creams with coconut oil, honey and sea salt. They were sooo good and helped to keep my energy levels up. Now as I have successfully slid into Stage 2, I am allowed ghee. And amazingly enough, my digestive system loves it! So yesterday in my shopping travels, I found some grass-fed organic butter and decided to make the Ghee Caramels that are in my GAPS Intro Diet spirit guide: The Heal Your Gut Cookbook: Nutrient-Dense Recipes for Intestinal Health Using the GAPS Diet. And back story, I have had a couple sort of unsuccessful attempts at making my own ghee. So I tried the method in Heal Your Gut and it said to heat it on low until it stops ‘crackling’. Which I did. But somehow by the time it was done crackling, I had also lightly browned the ghee a bit but it smelled amazing so I just went with it. And then I added a bit of honey and sea salt, portioned them out on a baking sheet and the final product is something so heavenly I cannot even describe. I may have eaten a week’s worth of butter today.

Who knew? I guess you can’t go wrong with honey and butter together but jeez. I can’t get enough. I can’t tell if my body is craving these SUPER beneficial fats or if it’s just because they taste like candy. Either way, I’m convinced these babies are doing my body good. All in moderation of course.

I also feel like the bloating is coming down a few notches. The bloat that I suspect is due to the cultured beverages I’ve been taking with every meal. Because all is looking great in No. 2 land which assures me that foods are being digested properly. Last night was pretty much zero bloat actually! Today I upped my Beet Kvass shots a bit and I do feel a little bubbly but nothing I can’t handle. In the name of microbes, bring it on.

And another positive today is that I felt energetic to do some actual work! I got in about 3 hours of work before I started to zone out and feel extremely tired. Those old brains sure use up a ton of energy. I mean I could have pushed on but because in my current life situation I can take it easy, I did. Watched some shows, made another giant pot of chicken soup and chilled out. So that’s that.

Day 9

Another energetic day! Got some actual work done. Even got out for a walk today. Since I’ve started the Intro Diet I haven’t felt any bit of motivation to exercise my body. Plus it’s been pretty much monsooning here every day all day. But today I felt the need so I suited up in my rain jacket and got out for some good old fashioned oxygen. It was pretty darn cold and miserable out there but with the help of a good podcast (I was listening to Girlboss Radio interviewing Sarah Jessica Parker FYI), I made it around my 5K loop and felt so accomplished and refreshed after.

Continued on souping with honey ghees in between. I may need to slow down a bit on those. It’s tricky, like I only slightly sweetened them with honey but they sort of taste too good to be true? Like something I shouldn’t be stuffing my face with. But yes those fats really do feel good and the blood sugar balancing effect is very likely helping out with these higher energy levels. It’s interesting too because too much coconut oil can make me feel a little nauseous but ghee is just sooo welcome in any amount.

Very small amount of bloating to report today! Must getting used to my cultured drink shots, that is progress! And thank goodness, skin blemishes seem to be going back where they came from. See yaaaaa!

Day 10

Well No. 2 talk for a second. All has been so good lately - and in case I didn’t mention this before, pre Intro Diet, things were not the best. Not all foods were being digested, especially vegetables. A few days into the diet and things really turned around and have been pretty great ever since! YAY! Today is still good but I would say slightly less formed than they have been. Yesterday I did eat meals that were slight less broth and more meat and vegetables than what I’ve been doing so far. And. So much cabbage? Cooked to shit but still a lot of cabbage. Cabbage used to be my actual worst nightmare, causing so much havoc in the gut. So anyway, it is a huge accomplishment to have in my diet but perhaps I just ate slightly more than I was capable of fully digesting.

Also, woke up feeling like hey, why not ease into Stage 3 and have a full egg in my morning soup. I never really react to eggs so I think it should be a good addition. Very exciting. I also made more chicken broth and then made a cauliflower pureed soup which was delicious.

Oh and today I went for a RUN! I know, weird. Where did that energy come from. But it was sooo needed. I think all the relaxing time caught up with me and I started to feel restless and slightly anxious today. So I suited up and got out there with a little help from my little friend Drizzy who has two new songs out. Yes it was a two song playlist and it was amazing. I felt energetic and got through my normal 5K no prob. And felt like a whole new calm easy breezy person after.

Day 11

So might have pushed it just a little. Last night I went to bed feeling more exhausted than I can remember being in a long time and woke up feeling pretty similar this morning. I actually woke up way early but couldn’t even go back to sleep because I had some very intense hunger happening. The run may have taken a bit more than I had to give. Rest and recuperation today.

Going back to the reason I went for a run at all yesterday, still feeling a little antsy and anxious today. And interestingly enough, 2 days ago was some sort of super blue blood moon. And yes I believe in moon things. There have been so many days where I feel a little weird or can’t sleep and then I find out it was a full moon. Actually way back in the summer when I was having my 30 year crisis (or awakening?!) and feeling like I needed to shake my life up in a major way, turns there was a Lunar Eclipse that affected my sign (Leo) very strongly in terms of shifts and new beginnings. I know this may sound a little woo woo to some but come on, life is a little woo woo isn’t it?

On a another note, whole eggs have been fully welcomed into my digestive system. No.2’s are good today. I have only done egg drop style soups for now but as I see for Stage 3, I will be able to cook them in a PAN! Heck yes. And with a lot of ghee. Even better.

And developments with my skin. Still, feeling overall better but I am definitely having a weird abnormal breakout. I mean I’m on this detoxing diet and lady time is on the way. But these lumps on my face feel like they are coming from deep within and they are painful. There are only two but enough to really piss me right off. One is in my EYEBROW. Super convenient.

Day 12

Today I am feeling a little sick of the soup life. And I am having intense cravings for something fresh. Like a raw apple. Which is a little far off. But juicing is right around the corner! So I’m thinking I might ease into Stage 3 a little further over the next few days and start with the squash pancakes and avocado. Might be just the trick to put a little pep in my GAPS dieting step.

Also feeling what might be the effects of going a little to low carb. It might even be what has been making a feel a bit anxious the last few days. It sneaks up on me and then I start to notice that my jaw keeps clenching really hard which is something that has happened in too low carb states in the past. SO the dinner I made for myself this evening was just full of some good old fashioned carbs. I cut up an entire butternut squash, some mushrooms and an onion into a dutch oven pot and then added meatballs with garlic and parsley and a can of diced tomatoes. Then just cooked it up real good and holy moly. Just what I needed.

Day 13

Well today was pretty good! Digestion still pretty solid and last night’s carbs I think did the body good. Feeling a bit more normal today. And I started my day with squash pancakes which were actually so good! Very eggy and not like real pancakes but it’s been actually two weeks since I got to cook anything in a pan and it just tasted so good.

Then I went totally nuts and made 3 variations of cultured drinks! This included two versions of Beet Kvass that I posted here. I think because I feel like these drinks are making such a positive difference for me, I am just super excited to up the amount I’m taking in a day. And fermenting is basically my favorite thing to do. Like a science experiment with benefits.

I also tried to go for another run today… I know, last time was a bit too much but I cannot explain the dire situation here enough. Literally monsooning here for two weeks straight. And my exercise is the outdoors! I need good old fashioned oxygen! But it’s too darn rainy to leisurely walk in it you know? I want to get in, get out. Anyway, I got out there, feeling so good and it even started to clear up a bit. And them bam! Rainstorm. Rain pelting me in the face, wind so hard against me that it felt like someone was behind me pulling me backwards. So I stopped. And walked home. Maybe that was a universe sign? To take it easy.

Made another chicken soup today and had more squash pancakes with some homemade cashew butter. Those were better pancakes, sooo delicious. I’ve been still taking 2 oz. shot glasses of beet kvass with every meal and today I had a few double shots! Party girl.

Day 14

WOW two weeks of soup? Time flies, so much fun :) Everything has been pretty positive so far but I really am feeling the effects of low carb. I'm eating squash and my honey caramels but still just don't feel quite right. It's a tough balance to keep the sugars low like suggested but still keep carbs high enough that my energy levels are good. Anyway, pushing on! Salad by summer, salad by summer.

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