City Life to Small Town Life

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It’s been just about 3 months since I gave up my apartment, job, city, and headed back to live in my tiny little hometown. And no this was not an emergency move. My parents are in great health, I’m great, all is well! Something just sort of switched for me last summer and it had been brewing for a while. I was craving a massive change so that’s what I did. You know, following your gut and so on? That is a very real thing.

I think since the beginning of time, I always loved creating things. And in my adulthood this transferred into wanting to create a business. I sort of fell into digital marketing which was a great learning experience but I always felt so drained and uninspired with doing it as a full-time job. So I made the decision to go back to school and study holistic nutrition, something obviously very close to my heart. And it was amazing. I pretty much hate school and tests and all those things but overall, being there and learning what I was learning kept me feeling pretty jazzed on a regular basis. After graduating, I slipped back into full-time in my marketing job, got a promotion and felt like ok, maybe ride this out. Three months later I just peaced out.

And the decision process was a little bit grueling - many sleepless nights, a lot of ashwagandha taken, deep horoscope analysis, even a psychic session (this was actually amazing, her name was RHIANNON?!). Why on earth would I leave this great job, dream apartment, magical city to go live with my parents in a 6000 population town? Every time I was out and about shopping, meeting up with friends, going out for dinners and drinks, I was questioning myself. But really in the end, no one can deny that little intuitive voice deep inside. It whispers at first and then it just starts shouting.

So I came up with an idea to create a cafe/cool place to hang in my hometown which was so exciting and something that I imagined totally transforming the beautiful naturey but sort of of lifeless little town into something really great. And based on that idea, I packed up and made the move to start making things happen. After a few weeks of settling into the new life, new/old town, I started to work on this idea a bit. And as exciting as that idea was and is, I got real about whether that actually suited me and my lifestyle. Which right now, it doesn’t. Later on who knows.

This is one thing I’ll say about getting out of the city and into a place where there are little to no distractions, is that thinking becomes a lot more clear. I think in my city life situation, there was just so much noise, in my head and outside of it that I had no idea what I wanted. Switch over to a place that has pretty much nothing but you and nature, the answers just come. I mean in no way that I have life totally figured out but I’ve never felt as close to the right path as I do now. And that is pretty major.

And surprise!!! I hardly miss anything about my city life. You know when you sometimes sort of tease yourself with thinking about something that at one point held so many heart strings and emotions for you to see if it still does? Like for example, when my last boyfriend and I broke up, for the first few months afterward I would torture myself thinking about the good times and got an instant sinking feeling in my heart/gut/whatever. Well I have been teasing myself with thoughts of my old job, life, apartment (which I loved) and nothing. Flat line on the emotion detector. Yes I miss my friends that still live there but hello it’s a 2 hour drive away and FaceTime is pretty sweet.

And this is totally shocking to me. I grew up in this small town and could not wait to get out. My parents were so great about bringing us into the city for little trips when we were young and I remember certain moments and visions of city lights, thinking that was the only life for me. As soon as a graduated I was gone. With some health struggles I was a bit back and forth but overall I was determined to make it and live my dreamy city life. In a little sidestep I spent a year living in London UK which was the ultimate city life. And to be totally honest I was miserable most of the time. Ok, I mean it was obviously a once in a lifetime experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything but the lifestyle felt like it was killing me! Pub life, too many drinks, partying, ugh (yes this was a slight hiatus from my healing journey). I felt like a total garbage can. So came back to the pacific northwest and lived my slightly toned down city life in Vancouver for another 5 years and here I am.

Well actually here I am now now in a teeny tiny town where I’ve never felt so actually happy. Full circle I suppose. I think all the experiences I’ve had fulfilled that need I felt growing up and now I feel content to relax a little bit. There are just so many things I've fallen in love with here. I have a regular 5K run that starts right outside my door and instead of dodging a million people, strollers, dogs, etc. on the seawall, I see horses in fields, bunnies, and maybe 1-2 cars the entire time. I have easy access to actual pasture-raised chicken eggs and local produce and meats. I’m lucky to have a part-time marketing gig to pay my bills in the meantime. I have time to read, think and build a life and business that I am fully passionate about. Most would say that there is absolutely nothing to do in this town but let me tell you, I am never bored. Very busy breathing dreams like air.

This all being said, things could change and nothing is forever. But right now, this change feels so right. For anyone considering a huge life change or moving out of a city and thinking you might just die without say, your favorite coffee shop’s almond milk latte. You won’t die. I survived. One might even say that I am thriving. Learn to make your own almond milk latte and just do the damn thing.

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